About Jacqui

Jacqui has trained at various Craft forms including Batik, Metalwork, Lino printing and Silk painting. Inspiration for these Batik Wall hangings comes from Rock Art sites around Ireland and the Colour representation is taken from the sites surrounding landscapes as well as from general Celtic colour combinations that can be seen for example in the Book of Kells.  

Irish heritage is of particular interest to Jacqui, drawing High Crosses and intricate Celtic patterns aswell as visiting ancient Irish Sites – from Megalithic Passage tombs to Ogham Stones, High Crosses, Round Towers, Dolmens and Pagan Wells.

The lesser known Fourknocks passage tomb in Co. Meath which is 4500 – 5000 years old is a particular favourite where two unusual pieces of art can be seen, a drawing of a human smiley face etched into a rock, known to be one of the oldest human representations in Ireland and a stone showing a design of W’s, which is thought to be drawn as the passage at Fourknocks was aligned with the astronomical constellation of Cassiopeia – “W” shaped – during this period of the stone age. 

These Batik pieces aim to share the wonderful designs on Rocks around these ancient sites in Ireland. We hope you enjoy these representations.

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