The Fourknocks Passage Tomb is approx. 5000 years old and is similar to the larger Newgrange site, it is near the Naul in Co Meath, 10 miles south of Newgrange. The name Fourknocks may be from the Irish Fuair Cnocs meaning Four Tombs (Four Hills) or maybe Cold Hills.

There are 4 Tombs at Fourknocks, however only one is open to the public, the other 3 remain unexcavated. There are 12 decorated stones of megalithic art in the open passage tomb including an unusual depiction of a human smiley face and a separate stone has a design of repeated W’s.

The smiley face is one of the oldest human representations in Ireland, and It’s thought the W’s were used because the Tomb at Fourknocks was aligned with the heliacal rising of the “W” shaped constellation of Cassiopeia during the stone age.

Video of Fourknocks passage

This video provides nice detail of the inside of Fourknocks, County Meath, Ireland.

Video credit: AndrewNFlood

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