Knowth is one of the main sites at the Brú na Bóinne UNESCO World Heritage Site in Co. Meath. Built over 5000 years ago, the passage tomb at Knowth has the largest tomb of these sites. There is one main Tomb surrounded by 18 smaller and over 400 kerbstones with megalithic art markings.

What differs about Knowth is that it has a Lunar alignment and a lot of the megalithic art markings relate to this lunar movement at different times of the year. One stone in particular K15 seems to be a lunar calendar or sundial. When moonlight shines on the back stone of the eastern passage at Knowth, it illuminates a map of the moon – possibly the world’s oldest known depiction of the lunar maria.

In fact, it is thought that the main chamber of the largest mound at Knowth is lit by both the moon and the sun at the same time at a few different times of the year.

Video of Knowth

This video provides a flythrough of laser This video provides an internal view of the Knowth passage tomb and laser scans of some of the rock art at Knowth, County Meath, Ireland. 

Video Credit: RTE News

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