Knowth Sandstone Basin


Batik painting of the Rock art on the center of the Knowth Basin

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This Batik piece is based on the rock art on the large engraved sandstone basin in the eastern passage tomb at Knowth. It is 1.2m wide and is located in a recessed area behind two large standing stones.

The art on the inside of the engraved basin – which this piece focuses on – shows two circles, possibly a sun or a moon along with rays and arcs, maybe a depiction of the sun or moon shining through to the chamber.

The art piece is painted and batiked in bright yellow, red and orange colours surrounded by white and on a navy background.

A certain amount of artistic license is used.

Size 34cm W x 51cm H / 13.4″ W x 20.0″ H (approx.)


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