Tibradden Cairn

Tibradden cairn is a registered National Monument located at Tibradden Mountain in County Dublin. Cairns are ‘pile of stones’ arranged on top of each other and usually guard burial chambers. 

The Irish for Tibradden Mountain is ‘Sliabh Thigh Bródáin’ meaning ‘mountain of the house of Bródáin’.

Folklore suggest that the cairn is his burial place.

The cairn is approx. 3 meters in diameter and was originally thought to be a passage tomb, but now it is understood to be a Cairn without the cover. The site was excavated by the Royal Irish Academy in 1849. A Pottery burial urn, human bones and cremated remains were found and are in the National Museum of Ireland.

Rock art spirals are visible on the ground of the chamber.

Flythrough video of Tibradden Cairn

This video provides a flythrough of laser scan survey of the Neolithic passage tomb at Dowth, County Meath, Ireland.

Video credit University College Dublin, and the Office of Public Works, Trent & Peak Archaeology and ArcHeritage.

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